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Atelier Agahzadeh’s rugs are pieces of bespoke beauty, the culmination of the creative outpouring of Philippa Agahzadeh combined with the expert knowledge of her weavers. The company was founded by Australian designer Philippa Agahzadeh when she struggled to find innovative pieces on the market.


Each design is meticulously created by hand in both the design phase and the production phase. The relationship of artist to maker is deeply apparent in the precision in which each artwork comes to life in three-dimensional form. Each hand knotted rug is painstakingly created using techniques that have been passed down through many generations.


Philippa’s family and friends have been Australian wool farmers for generations and as such it is incredibly important to her that each of her designs utilize the highest quality wool. Additionally, it is central to Atelier Agahzadeh’s ethos that no chemicals are involved in the production of their rugs and only natural fibers such as wool, Alpaca, silk, linen and cotton be used.


Organic design, natural fibers and talented, dedicated people are what Atelier Agahzadeh is all about. Atelier Agahzadeh rugs are highly covetable three dimensional art pieces that can be enjoyed in environments filled with human interactions. We are people connecting with other people, we want to make you feel something because these rugs are all about the present. Enjoying this moment, this view, this feeling because it’s special and unique and can never be replicated.




Philippa Agahzadeh

Philippa Agahzadeh founded Atelier Agahzadeh after many years in the design industry. With international experience that has seen her work on projects from the United States to the UK, the Middle East and Australia she brings a unique vision to her role as creative director and founder.




Alex Agahzadeh

Meet Alex Agahzadeh, the dynamic Business Director of Atelier Agahzadeh. Alex's business acumen has enabled him to excel in cultivating innovative ventures. With a background in law Alex's multifacetd expertise has laid the foundation for his success in the realm of business.

At Atelier Agahzadeh, Alex's vision is to drive the company's growth and direction. His experience in co-founding successful fashion clothing brands has contributed to his exceptional ability to lead and innovate.

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